I’ve created this page to share with you my 28 acts of kindness*.  The tragedy in Connecticut was so horrific that I will not be politically correct (or polite).  I hate guns and would gladly burn up the second amendment.  I also believe we should have universal health care so that everyone can get access to the physical and mental health that they need.  But, the anger and sorrow from the death of 28 people on December 14, 2012 could easily consume me.  Columbine did, I became depressed for the first time in my life after April 20, 1999.  As much as I want to hold onto my anger to ensure that change actually occurs this time, I know that it cannot, or will not, bring peace to me or this country.  Anger is not the way to honor the lives of the victims, 20 of whom were children; children who know not anger, but unrelenting kindness.  Therefore, I have decided what I can do in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy is to do 28 acts of kindness.  Planned or random, big or small, just acts that show love, not hate.  Acts that bring joy, not sorrow.  Acts that unite, not divide.  I urge you to join me and make 28 acts of kindness multiplied.  And, if you so choose, share them with me and others on this site as a tribute to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.

*Yes, 28.  Hating Adam Lanza will not bring back his 27 victims, nor heal our hearts.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. I know my opinions expressed above might anger some. I get that, like I said I’m angry too. Feel free to e-mail me (28actsofkindness@gmail.com) with your anger (I know, we all want to express our thoughts and opinions). I just ask that you save your comments on this blog for your acts of kindness so that this site is a virtual tribute of love for those whose lives were lost in Newtown, Connecticut.

  2. I have been looking around for two days to find a “substantial” act of of kindness when I realized that little things are just as great. So..here are my first two. One of my co-workers is in the hosptial and a Rotary friend is no longer able to come because of his health. I sent them both a Christmas card with a personal note. Maybe in my 28 random acts of kindness I will find the opportunity to do something big, but if not I think that is okay. Happy holidays everyone.

  3. I will join you in your 28 acts of kindness and hopefully it will then be the norm. I can only hope that by then we will have gun laws that will keep these types of guns off the streets. I look forward to reading how others accomplish their 28 acts of kindness.

  4. At the invitation of the principal, I joined other community leaders at Shelton Elementary in Golden to join in a moment of silence and a holiday sing along.

  5. A freind had a minor car accident yesterday driving to work in the snow. She is on a very limited budget and this expense was not planned. Today Santa sent her a Christmas card with money for Christmas dinner. This is getting fun!

  6. Yesterday, Someone ahead of me was having trouble merging in traffic and I slowed down to let them in. I am finding lots of opportunities to be kind while driving.

  7. I took dinner to a frind of mine who is recovering from surgery. We shared adult mac and cheese from Chads resturant in Lakewood CO. Both the company and the food was great and she really appreciated the company.

What was your act of kindness?

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